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As of January 1, 2012, hands-on training is now required for all youth under 16 years of age when operating a quad, motorcycle or side-by-side on public lands.

Here is What You Need to Ride in Oregon 


Operators with a suspended or revoked driver’s license may not operate any class, I, II, III or IV ATV.
• Supervision - All youth riders under age 16 must be supervised by an adult (see 2.1 “Definitions”)
• Helmets - Riders and passengers under age 18 must wear a DOT-approved helmet with the chin strap fastened.
• Training - All riders must possess an OPRD “ATV Safety Education Card” (see 2.1 “Definitions” for phase-in schedule)
• Rider Fit - A quad rider, under age 16, must meet all the Rider Fit rules (see 2.1 "Definitions").

Vehicle requirements:dirt-bike-morrow1

• Class I ATV Sticker (Operating Permit)
• USFS-approved spark arrestor
• Muffler under 99db*
• Flag*
• Foot pads
• Headlights and taillights after dark

Class II ATV (Jeeps, Sand rails, SUVs, Side x Sides, etc.)

Operators with a suspended or revoked driver’s license may not operate any class I, II, III or IV ATV.

Operator requirements:

• Possess a valid driver's license
• Possess liability insurance on the vehicle

Vehicles must have:

• Class II ATV Sticker (Operating Permit)
• Operating muffler and exhaust system under 99db*, which prevents sparks
• Fire extinguisher
• Roll bar or enclosed cab
• Seats and seat belts for driver and all passengers
• Windshield wipers
• Headlights and taillights after dark

During fire season, vehicle operators must have:

• Shovel
• Fire extinguisher or one gallon of water

Class III ATV (Motorcycles)

Operators with a suspended or revoked driver’s license may not operate any class, I, II, or III ATV.

Operator requirements:

• Be at least 7 years old – All Class III operators must be 7 years old or older
• Supervision - All youth operators under age 16 must be supervised by an adult
• Helmets - Operators and passengers under age 18 must wear a DOT-approved helmet with the chin strap fastened
• Training - All operators must possess an OPRD “ATV Safety Education Card”

VehicleS must have:

• Class III ATV Sticker (Operating Permit)
• USFS-approved spark arrestor
• Muffler under 99db*
• Foot pads for rider and passenger
• Headlights and taillights



Click here or on the map below to see the full map, prices, rules and concessions.



The Morrow/Grant County OHV Park is becoming a major recreation destination for Northeast Oregon!

We hope you enjoy your visit with us and we look forward to having you join us at the OHV Park. When you visit the park, there may be areas closed due to trail maintenance, so we ask for your patience and understanding. The Morrow/Grant County OHV Park welcomes quads, motorcycles, and jeeps. Please keep in mind that seasonal weather conditions may cause temporary trail closures and/or limit the use of some types of vehicles.

About OHV Park

The park has approximately 9,000 acres in Morrow and Grant counties and is adjacent to Highway 207 (Heppner/Spray Highway) and the West End (Sunflower) ATV riding area. The RV park is open and has RV sites (dry, partial, and full hook up), tent spaces and cabins available for rent. Restroom and shower buildings are available for campers. The park has a trail system that allows for various skill levels of riding. The OHV Park provides a wash down area to inhibit the spread of noxious and other weeds. Additional recreational area and activities are being planned for future development. There are small stocked fishing ponds, a hiking trail, golf driving range, and viewpoints located within the park.

Morrow and Grant counties have worked with Oregon Parks and Recreation Department (OPRD) to make this park possible. The park has a variety of terrain to ride, that allows us to have trails for novice and advanced riders in the same area--providing a true family oriented atmosphere. There is approximately 200 miles of trails, 20 of which are Jeep accessible. We are proud of what we have been able to accomplish with the help and support of OPRD, ODFW, OWEB, USFS, local business, and volunteers. All the hard work, time, dedication of all involved and input from park guests has helped make this park a success, and we hope to see you there … COME STAY AND PLAY ANOTHER DAY!

Morrow/Grant County OHV Park has a safety training site at the park. There are certified quad and motorcycle instructors available.

For more information on the Oregon online (computer) course, visit
For more information about ASI hands-on quad (four-wheeler) safety training classes, visit
For more information about hands-on motorcycle (dirt-bike) safety training classes, visit
We currently have three certified instructors! For more information about this offering, please contact ATV Safety Institute at 1-800-887-2887.


  • Riding skills
  • Build confidence
  • Get kids started right
  • Put you in touch with fellow ATV enthusiasts and ATV clubs near you.
  • Provide resources for lifelong learning and safety renewal
  • Learn how to tread lightly!

Looking for marked trail maps?

Maps can be purchased at the OHV or by contacting the main office at 541-989-8214.

Campfires Allowed

Fires permitted in designated fire rings/pits ONLY. Do not leave unattended. Unattended campfires need to be DEAD OUT. Individuals will be held responsible for fires that get out of control, or are left unattended.

Safety Recommendations

It is recommended that motorcycle and ATV riders take part in a formal safety training course under the supervision of a certified instructor. Such training is recommended for ATV operators under the age of 18. Call the ATV Safety Institute at 1-800-887-2887 and MSF Dirt Bike School at 1-866-260-1783.

Inexperienced riders should thoroughly acquaint themselves with all vehicle controls before starting out.

  • Identify potential hazards and familiarize yourself with the terrain when traveling new routes, by making your first ride a slow ride! Avoid surprises!
  • Drive within the limits of your abilities. Don't go faster or climb higher than you can safely handle. When in doubt, survey the situation before proceeding.
  • Summer at the Morrow/Grant OHV park can mean temperatures in the 100s! Always carry plenty of water to avoid dehydration.
  • When traveling with a group of individuals, always wait at intersection(s) to make sure the individual behind you knows which way to go. This will insure your group stays together.


Morrow County Cities


Nestled on “Oregon’s other Coastline,” Boardman is the ideal place to boat, camp, fish, swim, play and picnic.


The “Gateway to the Blue Mountains” and an outdoorsman's paradise.  Join us in March for our St. Patty’s Festivities.


A small community rich in history, agriculture and livestock. Don’t miss the Ione Blues Festival and July 4th Celebration!


Located on the Columbia River and off of Hwy 730, Irrigon boasts a marina, wildlife reserves, skate park and children’s playground.


Take in Morrow’s quiet side. Cruise through Lexington by bike, plane or automobile and refuel and relax.


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